Wednesday, 6 July 2011

travelling light

Packing coming up to midnight is always a bad idea, but I'm such a last minute person, I never really learn. Tomorrow I'm off to explore the gaelic town Pitlochry with the girls. Which I hope will lead to a more interesting post. For now, my 5 traveling essentials-
1. Florals, I'm crazy for them and summer brings out my expansive floral ward-drobe 
2. Vaseline, confessed lip balm junkie
3. Filofax, 9/10 times I don't need it, but that 1 time, o it grinds me 
4. Smart phone, so I can keep in touch with the world *cough* play Angry Birds
5. Macbook Pro, need I say more
The essential not featuring in my list is my camera, because it isn't really a travel essential, more just an essential of everyday life. It goes everywhere with me, much like my bank card. 
Some last minute travel advice? Spray the inside of your bag with your favourite perfume, right now I'm wearing Angel, and when you open your suitcase your clothes will smell beautiful. 

light traveling?


  1. Never thought about spraying my suitcase with perfume, but that definitely sounds like a good idea! And yeah computers, smart phone are also on my essential list of travel items - can't live without them.

  2. have a great trip! thanks for stopping by my blog today!

  3. Thanks for your comments on my blog!

    I might have to pick up some travel tips from you, I'm making a packing list for an upcoming 2 week vacation and I'm having a hard time not taking everything but the kitchen sink!

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Have a great trip!

  5. Haha I enjoyed reading this post! Have a great time in Pitlochry! (:

  6. Have a great time! I wish I could pack as efficiently as you! Thanks for the tip with the perfume - I wear Angel as well, but I've just run out!

  7. I´m always a little late with packing too - it´s like I just can´t focus on it until it´s really close! :-)

  8. Hey, sorry for the late reply!

    I was able to shoot fireworks using high shutter speed. I depend on the light that the fireworks give off to capture it. I don't use low shutter speeds because although in theory it makes sent to slow down the shutter speed because it is dark, it would just blur everything together. You can do this using a DSLR, I use the Nikon D300s :)

  9. thanks ladies, girls break was a lot of fun! Got in a lot of walking to burn off all the calories in eating so much ice cream! I'll be sure to stop by all your blogs soon! :) x

  10. thanks for your lovely comment! have a nice trip!x