Tuesday, 12 July 2011

walking on sunshine

Since my last post (quite a while ago, sorry about that!) I have been catching up with friends and some much needed sleep. Our adventure to Pitlochry was about lie-ins and long walks. Since a little girl I have loved forests that I could get lost in. We spent our evenings eating ice cream and staying up too late. It was beautiful. I've decided to share these photos, even though I feel they are a little weak. I was too busy chatting to the girls, to be overly snap happy. 

gazing upwards


Wednesday, 6 July 2011

travelling light

Packing coming up to midnight is always a bad idea, but I'm such a last minute person, I never really learn. Tomorrow I'm off to explore the gaelic town Pitlochry with the girls. Which I hope will lead to a more interesting post. For now, my 5 traveling essentials-
1. Florals, I'm crazy for them and summer brings out my expansive floral ward-drobe 
2. Vaseline, confessed lip balm junkie
3. Filofax, 9/10 times I don't need it, but that 1 time, o it grinds me 
4. Smart phone, so I can keep in touch with the world *cough* play Angry Birds
5. Macbook Pro, need I say more
The essential not featuring in my list is my camera, because it isn't really a travel essential, more just an essential of everyday life. It goes everywhere with me, much like my bank card. 
Some last minute travel advice? Spray the inside of your bag with your favourite perfume, right now I'm wearing Angel, and when you open your suitcase your clothes will smell beautiful. 

light traveling?

today I'm listening to

Biffy Clyro- Machines

dancing with swans

Between sleep-deprived nightshifts at the care home, I found myself jetting off to Stirling to visit my friend, who is coincidently the future "Dr House". Together we wondered and found a quaint restaurant by a lake called "The River House", serving the most beautiful food. I couldn't resist getting my camera out between the stories and the calories.  

Kirsty's amazing motor